Just how fun is it in the Philippines? Rather, just how fun is it to travel in the Philippines?

At least 7,107 islands answer that. With travel fairs and seat sales here and there, there is no doubt that Filipinos are jet-setting to different points of the country for the love of wanderlust. Traveling is not tangible, not a material thing that can be added to one’s possessions. But, what it brings is far more valuable and unforgettable – the experience that is felt, the footprint that one leaves, and the happy memories that are made.

Havaianas Filipinas

Let Havaianas and its #GoingPlacesWithHavaianas campaign come along for the ride with its latest collection. Strapped in and ready to go, reach new heights and swim new shores with Havaianas Filipinas, an annual collection is specially designed and produced exclusively for the Filipinos.


No stranger to collaborations, the world’s favorite flip-flop brand collaborates with SinoPinas, the group whose photographic images of some Philippine destinations are now printed on the buttery-soft soles of Havaianas. When loosely translated, the term “Sino Pinas” means “Philippines, who?” It is from what this question asks that the group was formed and has grown into a community in quest of discovering the Philippines, its beauty, culture, and people – one place at a time.

The six-piece collection highlights the breath-taking sights of Baler, Batanes, Sagada, and Siargao in September, followed by Boracay and San Juanico in November.



Be inspired to head up north and explore the incredible, sweeping views of Batanes. Find a new, one-of-a-kind escape in its rustic charm and greenery against a backdrop of the rolling hills, towering lighthouses, and crashing waves. Head on a bit down south and bask in the calm of Sagada, where an adventure that goes river deep and mountain high awaits. It’s the perfect place to experience soaring above the clouds and seeing the picturesque sun as it rises and sets.


Surf is definitely up in Baler and Siargao. Baler, considered to be the birthplace of surfing, is famous for its Sabang Beach where locals and tourists alike flock to for a good ride and a chill spot. Almost at the southern end of the country is Siargao, which is any surfer’s dream with its big waves and blue waters. Among its best kept secrets are scattered islands that pride in a plethora of coral reefs, diving spots, mangrove forests, and more beautifully untouched sceneries.

 BoracaySan Juanico Bridge

Come home to the incredible views of Visayas’ two gems: Boracay and San Juanico. The perfect mix of serenity and sensory overload, the island of Boracay is world-famous for its powdery-white sand, clear waters, and sunsets that are unlike any other. On the other side of Visayas lies the San Juanico bridge, which is the longest bridge in the Philippines that connects Samar and Leyte. With beautiful views of the sea all around and its refreshing breeze, one can only wonder how much more amazing it would look with a view from the top.

The Havaianas Filipinas collection comes in a special packaging and is available for PhP 1,295.00 at All Flip-Flops stores, selected authorized retailers nationwide, and online at Follow the adventure at Havaianas Philippines in Facebook (/havaianasphilippines), Twitter (@havaianasphils), and Instagram (@havaianasphils) with the hashtag #GoingPlacesWithHavaianas.

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