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Just how fun is it in the Philippines? Rather, just how fun is it to travel in the Philippines? At least 7,107 islands answer that. With travel fairs and seat sales here and there, there is no doubt that Filipinos are jet-setting to different points of the country for the love of wanderlust. Traveling is not tangible, not a material thing that can be added to one’s possessions. But, what it brings is far more valuable and unforgettable – the experience that is felt, the footprint that one leaves, and the happy memories that are made. Let Havaianas and its #GoingPlacesWithHavaianas campaign come...

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A performer once asked, “Who run the world?” It’s a no-brainer: Girls. It was with this strong belief that Havaianas rallied some of fashion’s biggest names for a one-of-a-kind and fashion-forward collection that benefitted Women for Women International and its world-changing advocacy. The global charity is an organization that aims to help women from areas of conflict, equip them with vocational and business skills, improve their overall health and well-being, and ultimately break them free from trauma and poverty. The show of solidarity between these two paved the way for a collaboration in its truest sense that went beyond the world...

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