Paper Bag Charge FAQ

How much are you charging for the paper bag? 

We will be charging PHP 2.00 for our medium-sized paper bag, and PHP 5.00 for our large-sized paper bag. Regardless if the item is for personal use or is intended as a gift-- the paper bag must be paid.


When will this be implemented?

We will start charging for our single use paper bags on May 15, 2023.


Is the paper bag charge applicable to all stores?

Yes, this is applicable to all Havaianas and All Flip-Flops stores nationwide.


Are the paper bags charged per transaction or per bag?

We will be charging per paper bag. For example, if a customer needs two (2) large-sized paper bags, the customer needs to pay a total of PHP 10.00.


How many paper bags can I purchase? 

You can purchase 1 paper bag per pair. 



- 1 pair purchased, you can buy 1 paper bag;

- 2 pairs purchased, you can buy 2 paper bags;

- 3 pairs purchased, you can buy 3 paper bags.


The purchase of a paper bag should be done at the same time as the purchase of the pair from the same store.


What is your objective for charging a Paper Bag?

To help reduce waste and protect the environment, we encourage customers to bring their own shopping bags when they shop at Havaianas and All Flip-Flops stores. 

Do you have a Reusable Bag?

Yes, we sell Reusable Canvas Bags for PHP 99.00. This is available at all Havaianas and All Flip-Flops stores.


Can I purchase the Reusable Bag only?

No, we don’t sell our Reusable Bags alone. Customers need to purchase a Havaianas pair or any Havaianas accessory and add our Reusable Bag to their purchase. Customers may purchase only up to 3 Reusable Bags per pair or accessory bought.


Since I paid for the paper bag, can I return the paper bag and get a refund?

We do not refund used paper bags.

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