Break the Rush

Breathe: a guide to slow down your life

We know it's not easy! With each passing day, everyone feels more and more overwhelmed—but we also know that there’s a remedy (or a few) to relieve the pressure of everyday life. That's why Havaianas has created an exclusive and 100% free guide to show you how to make your days lighter, freer, and less hectic.

18 ideas to break the rush

Some people, just like Havaianas, are experts in taking a good break from the rush. We invited them to share their experiences and reflections on travel, mindfulness, dreams, dancing, playfulness, and everything else they do to take a necessary pause. Take your time while you take in their words, it’s intended to be read without the rush to finish

break the rush

A sneak peek of what you’re going to see

the recipe to happiness

what you can say with your clothes

we can learn how to love

paths for freeing the mind

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